Good evening,

This month we’ll be discussing a variety of small topics, but the first order of business will be to meet with Meghan Moyer, who is currently the sole candidate running for County Commissioner in District 1 (that’s
us).  Then, hopefully, we’ll be learning more about the future of Keller Auditorium.  While it’s not in HAND, it is close by, and its future is important to many residents.  We don’t yet have a confirmed guest to
present to us, so it is possible we’ll defer this conversation until February.  We’ll also get updates about the Clinton Triangle Shelter and progress towards building tiny homes at Avalon Sanctuary.

I hope you’ll join us.  The full meeting agenda is linked below.

Best wishes for the New Year,

Chris Eykamp
HAND Chair

PS We’re planning to meet in person, but if the weather takes a bad turn we may hold the meeting by zoom.  I’ll send a message on this mailing list if we make that change.


HAND Agenda 2024-01