Hosford Abernethy Neighborhood Development
Meeting Minutes 7/20/10

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm

Portland Acupuncture Project
Adam Cubue (artist), and Michelle Traver (Trimet’s Public Art)
– Large-scale acupuncture needles are being posted around Portland between April and October 2010 in locations that draw attention to spaces which could improve the city’s health in terms of transportation, housing, and environment
– Is concurrent with and mutually referenced on the website of the Portland Plan
– Another needed is to be installed at 12th and Clinton at the future site of the MAX station on August 21 and removed October 21,
– The Trimet public art committee no longer has a HAND representative, and would like the input of someone with a background in public art as they search for contributions from both emerging and established artists to design the space

Oregon State Representative Jules Bailey
The next few months before the fall legislative session are an intensive time for advancing bills and proposals due to the new policy, enacted to save costs on lawyers drafting the bills, that Representatives can submit bills without limit until Sept 27, and only 10 bills after December.
The state’s budget for the coming year is extremely tight and the representatives are looking at many difficult decisions, in particular how to preserve programs that serve vulnerable populations such as the homeless, elderly, and disabled. Mr. Bailey’s focus is on how to reinstate job growth and restore the income tax revenue that fund the state, and he has an interest on forming statewide partnerships to advance efficient energy use.
He discussed HAND’s questions about issues including public education, programs for vulnerable populations, kicker reform, Measures 66 and 67, encouraging volunteering by the unemployed, the Liquor Control Commission, and urban/rural collaboration.

Roots of Our Neighborhood
– This Saturday, with the parade starting at 10:45
– Setup help is welcomed 7 Corners and 19th Ave on Friday from 3-6pm at, and Saturday from 8-10am
– T Shirts and bandanas with a stylized map of Hosford-Abernethy (designed by Amy and screen printed by a local shop) will be for sale, and are free to Board Members
– Includes booths of visual and oral history of the neighborhood, the Portland Plan, a bouncy castle, music, and more

National Night Out
– As in past years, HAND hopes to serve ice cream at Piccolo Park one night during the week of events
– Sue has tentatively offered to coordinate

St. Philip Neri
The church is hoping to being regularly serving meals to the homeless in the area. There are not yet concrete plans, and they hope to collaborate with HAND

Hawthorne Street Fair
August 15 10am-5pm (the same day as our local Sunday Parkways)
There will be a music stage at 20th and Hawthorne

Planning to rebuild their location at 34th and Hawthorne; representatives were not present at this meeting but are anticipated at September’s meeting

Division Street Art
The artist has been selected, who impressed the search committee for her experience in making routine public structures into works of art, and her personal commitment to sustainability. She will be mentoring an upcoming artist who has not yet been commissioned for a major public work.

Friends of Trees Planting
On December 4 2010 the Friends of Trees will be doing plantings in HAND; contact information about how to buy a tree is on the organization’s website, http://www.friendsoftrees.org/

MOTION by Jack Spadaro to use the HAND photocopying account at SEUL to make 300 informational flyers. Seconded by Linda Nettlekoven, and approved unanimously by the board.

June Minutes
Were sent in a format that could not be opened by everyone, so will be re-sent for Board approval in the September meeting

August Meeting
On the third Tuesday of August we will have a potluck rather than a formal meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm
Submitted by Laura Vail, Secretary