Join the HAND Neighborhood Weatherization with the Community Energy Project
Saturday, Dec. 13th
9AM ~ 1:30PM

Please contribute to Portland’s sustainability by coming to assist with neighborhood weatherization!

After this day of weatherization, you will be considered “trained” and ready to complete more weatherization projects in the community.

We have room for about 5~7 people, so please respond if you are ready, willing, and able to participate in this important activity, and especially if you have interest in continuing with more weatherizations in the future.

We may not be weatherizing in HAND or Richmond this time (though we may), but after being trained, we’ll be able to organize more local weatherization projects.

Further details from the Community Energy Project:
“The work is indoors, so people don’t have to dress for the weather, layers is always a good idea, and so is bringing a little snack or something. At 9am we’ll have the orientation and a basic training on how to install materials, and then we try to be out at the site at 10am. We’ll often break up into groups and hit 3 houses – so if you guys want to all be in one house let me know.

“We’ll try to get houses in your neighborhood, but as I was saying back when we first started talking, that can be very difficult as we need to serve the people who have been on the waiting list the longest first, but we will try to find a suitable house in your area. 🙂

Please contact Ethan at if you have any questions or to sign up to participate.