Hello neighbors,

HAND will be having our monthly meeting on Tuesday, and you’re invited!
We’ll be meeting in person again, in the admin building on the St.
Philip Neri campus.  We’ll be talking about some larger issues than
normal; first a conversation about the future of Keller Auditorium,
which is not really that far from HAND (close enough to walk from some
parts of the neighborhood… at least for now).  We’ll also be meeting
with Vadim Mozyrsky, who is running to be our next county commissioner
(we met with one of his opponents last month).  Come learn what he has
to say.

We’ll also be getting updates on two of the new shelter projects in
HAND, Avalon and the Clinton Triangle TASS (which are at somewhat
opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of scale and approach).  There’s
a lot to discuss about both projects this month.

So please join us!

The full agenda is attached.


Chris Eykamp
HAND Chair