Tuesday May 21st will be our annual General Meeting; this is where you
will get a chance to help choose the next HAND Board (or perhaps join us

We will be spending a good portion of the meeting discussing the various
tiny home villages/shelters in our neighborhood.

Unless the weather is horrible, we’ll start off with a field trip to
Avalon Village, the future tiny home village as 19th & Division, two
doors down from New Seasons at 6:15PM. There will be folks there to show
you around and answer questions. Avalon is not a HAND project, but we do
have a Good Neighbor Agreement with the folks running it, and several
board members have been working closely with the project organizers.
This will be structured more like an open house than a formal tour, so
feel free to arrive later than 6:15 if you like. I’m told it will take
much less than 30 mins to see the site.

Back at St Philip Neri (in Carvlin Hall if there are a lot of us, or in
our regular meeting room in the administrative building if we have fewer
people), our regular meeting will start at 7PM. We’ll start off with a
Q&A session about Avalon, then segue unto an update on what has happened
at the Clinton Triangle shelter so many of you joined us to hear about
last year.  Hank from the City of Portland will be joining us to tell us
how things are going and answer your questions.

Later, we’ll meet with Preston who will tell us about OMSI’s plans for
their area along the river.

Finally, elections!  We have seats open, so if you want to join us,
please let me know.

See you on Tuesday!

Chris Eykamp
HAND Chair

HAND Agenda 2024-05