If you live anywhere near SE 27th & Hawthorne, we don’t have to tell you, the Safeway construction project is well underway.

Here’s the latest Safeway construction schedule – SAFEWAY 3 WEEK 5 27 11 Apparently, ecavation work is the main task for the next three weeks.

Some neighbors have complained about the vibrations from demolition. Our neighbor Doug talked to Safeway’s contractor, Frank King, and got this report: “He said that they have the jackhammer on a backhoe, rather than a trackhoe, and that they aren’t using a hoe ram (all of these terms are new to me), in order to minimize the impact on the neighborhood. The workers have been instructed to avoid dropping slabs. They’ve also been monitoring the funeral home wall for damage, because it was in bad shape to begin with… Finally, he said that they wouldn’t be using the jackhammer for more than a few more days.”

Will continue to keep you posted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to our Land Use Chair Joanne Stainbrook: joanne@handpdx.org. She is a volunteer who is working hard to help everyone stay up to date on projects in our neighborhood.