Walk & Bike map to Abernethy School

Walk & Bike map to Abernethy School

From Abernethy Walk & Bike organizers:

International Walk and Bike to School Day is supported by Safe Routes To School ( http://www.walknbike.org ) which oversees a statewide effort to promote walking, biking, scooting, skating–any clean, green, and healthy way for kids to get to school. Safe Routes To School also offers bicycle safety instruction at Abernethy and many other schools, and helps parent volunteers to support families to get in the healthy habit of foregoing the car.

Next Wednesday, Oct. 8 before school, we will have sign in tables in the gazebo as well as a map for kids to mark with a star where they biked or walked from. We’ll also have something special for the kids (not sugary, not even edible!), so be sure to stop by.

We would also like to help organize walk or bike school buses so that families can gather close to home and then walk/ride together with other Abernethy families. The four walk or bike bus stops and
approximate departure times are:

North Rose Garden
departures: walk: 8:15 ride: 8:20 (Tammy will lead the walk bus again!)

People’s Coop — SE Tibbetts & SE 21st
departures: walk: 8:15 ride: 8:20

SE Lincoln & SE 30th
departures: walk: 8:05 ride: 8:15

SE Clinton & SE 29th
departures: walk: 8:05 ride: 8:15

See the attached PDF map of these locations and times, as well as the
bus routes.

Tammy will be at the North Rose Garden bus stop and will steer the walk bus to Abernethy. We certainly welcome any parent willing to step up and steer a walk or bike bus from the other stops. If you are interested please send an email to corncurl@comcast. net. Otherwise just gather at the walk or bike bus stop and leave on time.

The buses are a lot of fun for both child and adult and are worth the extra effort. If the bus stop is out of your way, try to catch a bus mid-route!

We have a bulletin board across the hall from the the gym with helpful information about riding and walking safety, organizing walk or bike school buses, and recent improvements made on streets and sidewalks around the school. Copies of this information will be available at the gazebo on Wednesday morning.

Also, if you have any questions about walking or biking to school, including routes, equipment, and safety, we would be glad to talk with you. Send an email or stop by the gazebo next Wednesday.

We will resume weekly Walk and Bike Fridays starting on Oct 17th.
-John Kassebaum (corncurl@comcast. net)
-Corey Cliffe (corey@limitlessblue .com)