As a curious neighbor, we sent a note to Division Streetscape Reconstruction Project Manager Elizabeth Mahon at Portland’s Bureau of Transportation regarding the bright white lines painted yesterday on Division Street. The white dotted lines on eastbound traffic denote pro-time lanes from about 12th to 28th Place.

Since pro-time lanes will be eliminated along most of this stretch of Division Street with the new project (which is slated to break ground January 2012), we asked, “why the new paint?” Our answer: Apparently this was a job done by maintenance crews, simply repainting old lines that had faded away.

However it’s also a great reminder to neighbors that if you see a project underway that may conflict with another project currently underway, please don’t hesitate to notify project managers.

As Mahon notes in an email, “While we have measures in place to coordinate with other bureaus and groups and notify them of our respective projects in the public ROW(right-of-way), some things do get missed. I think the best thing to do is to contact us and question what is going on anytime you receive a notice for major work (or see it happening in the street).”

Also, for those curious on where the Division Streetscape Reconstruction project is, Mahon says the project team is still working through the stormwater modeling and revisions from the 30% technical plan review and will schedule a meeting with the Division Streetscape Design Advisory Committee (DAC) before our 60% open house (~ late June) to update the committee on progress and of any changes to the streetscape design.

For more information about the project visit: