Last month we did a round up of the many projects HAND is involved with. This month, we’ll have further updates on these projects and more. Please make a plan to join us for some or all of this month’s meeting.

Hosford-Abernethy Neighborhood Development Association (HAND)
Board Meeting
Tuesday, February 15, 2010, 7:00 PM
Land Use meeting to start at 6:30

St. Philip Neri Church Paulist Center, St Paul Room
2408 SE 16th Avenue (and Division)

Land Use Agenda
* 20th & Market and Safeway Debrief — Letter from the Board to City bureaus re: our lessons learned and suggestions for Comprehensive Plan update.
* Yellow Lines for restricted parking at 20th & Market to improve visibility at that intersection.
* Distribution of Ladd’s Addition Conservation District Guidelines to neighbors – funding sources, timing, cover letter.

Community/Board Agenda

Crime Prevention Report

Updates and New Ideas
(1) Umpqua Bank — $10,000 grant award program
(2) Funding for Light Rail — Transportation Systems Development Charge — Shoshanah and Art
(3) Safeway rebuild on Hawthorne – Joanne and Mike
(4) Support for Homeless Neighbors — Sister Pat
(5) Tree Code and Norway Maple Exemption — Dave and Linda
(6) Tree Inventory for HAND
(7) Welcome Baskets
(8) Revisit Umpqua Bank grant ideas

(1) St David’s Events
(2) Central City 2035 Plan – Amy
(3) Portland Plan Community Fairs – Linda

Board Issues
(1) Treasurer’s Report
(2) Approval of Minutes
(3) Letter of support for Antique Car Show
(4) Lock up.