Give your Input on the City’s Public Involvement Efforts!

The Public Involvement Advisory Council (PIAC) was created to help the City conduct more consistent and meaningful public involvement processes. The PIAC is a 34-member advisory council made up of representatives from City bureaus and community organizations. The PIAC just released its first annual progress report which we encourage you to review and give YOUR input on their draft initiatives. Please take a few moments to give us that input by completing the PIAC survey For more information on the PIAC, visit or call 503-823-5202.

Five positions open on the Public Involvement Advisory Council. Apply by April 16, 2010

Are you interested in increasing the community’s impact on government decisions? Would you like to work on a team to develop policies that will assist the City of Portland with involving the public in ways that are more inclusive, transparent and accountable?

If so, consider applying to serve as a volunteer member of the City of Portland’s Public Involvement Advisory Council. Applications are now being accepted through April 16, 2010. The goal of this advisory council is to strengthen and institutionalize the City’s commitment to public involvement and to assist City bureaus in creating consistent expectations and processes for public involvement activities. This advisory council is made up of both community members and city staff. Currently, the PIAC has five vacancies and is looking for members that can bring forward the perspectives of at least one of the following communities: Elder, Persons with Disabilities, Youth, Business, At-Large. This is a volunteer position and there are two and three year terms available, or a one year term for youth members. For more information & an application form,

Or contact: Afifa Ahmed-Shafi
Public Involvement Best Practices Program
Office of Neighborhood Involvement, City of Portland, (503) 823-5202