It’s time! The low-limbed trees are waiting. The underground moles are tunneling away from the surface. The dirt is piled and ready for exploration. We are armed with spoons and magnifying lenses, bug boxes and collection bags. We have curious minds, imaginative ideas and swift-moving feet. We are not stopped by wind, rain, clouds, or shade. We are Nuts About Nature!!!

City Nature’s “Nuts About Nature” programs have become a popular way for young children to enjoy the nature of Portland’s Parks. Offering programs since April 2008, we have found the perfect mix of play, imagination, science, stories, art and songs to keep every child engaged. Our experienced Environmental Education Teachers are highly trained and finely tuned to the developmental level of the young child. Plus, we like to sing silly songs, are not afraid to teach about local plants and animals using puppets & real clipboards, and we can turn just about any ecological concept into a tag game.

Children all over the city are signing up to explore the trees, soil, plants and animals of Portland’s Parks, but we are looking for more! Check out our brochure and let your child join the fun.

Find the full brochure at
To register visit or call the reservation center at 503-823-2525

Questions? Contact “Teacher Balsam” (Chrissy Larson) directly at 503-823-1149 or at
Hope to see you in the park soon (Well, your child, really. But we’ll be happy to meet you too!)