A note from the Office of Neighborhood Involvement to Community Members:
The Oregon Restaurant Association (ORA) has petitioned the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) to implement two year licensing. Public comments are currently being accepted by the OLCC through May 19th. You can view information online at (_http://oregon.gov/OLCC/_ go to “rule making” under “current petitions”) to view the petition contents.

*Comments can be sent to Jennifer Huntsman at Jennifer.Huntsman@state.or.us or fax to 503-872-5110.*

The ORA submitted a similar petition twice in 2008. Both times, the City Council sent a letter requesting that the petition be denied. The prior petitions were withdrawn for other reasons, which does not seem likely this time. *Following is some general information on why the petition raises concerns for ONI*.

ONI is concerned this will drastically decrease the opportunity to comment on problems that arise from licensed premises. License renewals offer an opportunity for problem solving both formally and informally.
Under the provisions of the petition, this will only happen every two years, rather than the current annual process.

Additionally, while the LICENSE fee will double to maintain revenues to the state; the PROCESSING fees that fund the City of Portland Liquor Licensing Recommendation program will be cut in half and it is only through legislative change that could be modified.

The ONI Liquor Licensing Program is the primary avenue for neighbors within the City of Portland to address issues at any of the 2500 liquor establishments requiring a local recommendation within the city limits.

The program:
1) Enforces the Time Place and Manner Ordinance that addresses nuisance activities at licensed establishments
2) Works with the Portland Police to submit recommendations to the OLCC on new licenses or renewal licenses after problem solving.
3) Notify neighborhoods about Liquor Licenses coming into the neighborhood.
4) Facilitates Good Neighbor Agreements specific to the sale of alcohol.
5) Collaborates with City and State agencies on long term goals
involving legislative change and saturation issues.
6) Represents the Neighborhoods at Oregon Liquor Control Commission meetings.

*Although this initiative would decrease the administrative burden on the State Agency in terms of processing renewal eliminations, it would hurt the ability for the City to address any but the most serious of
problem establishments. *

Theresa Marchetti
Liquor Licensing Specialist – ONI
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