Congratulations to board member David Kaplan and the rest of the Save Our Elms volunteers for their work in preserving the elm tree grove in our neighborhood. This fall, they were recognized by The Cultural Landscape Foundation as one of 12 places in the country considered part of “The Landscape I Love.” You can read more about the project here:

Residents of Southeast Portland’s Ladd’s Addition honored for saving their elms

The Landscape i Love – Ladd’s Addition Elm Grove

Save Our Elms is dedicated to the protection and preservation of Ladd’s Addition’s street trees. Save Our Elms is dependent on the help and financial support of volunteers to carry out their important mission. Volunteers can actively contribute by participating in the vaccination, maintenance, and replacement of Ladd’s Addition’s elm trees and by helping educate the public about Dutch elm disease. Visit Save Our Elms’ website to learn more.