Start the year off right with a free networking event at Blitz on January 21st – Ever wonder who else is in the district? Want to get new business? Learn more about this entertaining networking event by clicking here: http://ceic.cc/2010/01/12/first-free-networking-event-of-the-year/

Progress is being made on the ‘trespass camper’ situation! Go under any overpass in the CEID and you know the awful situation business owners are facing. There’s good news on what is being done about this issue which you can read about here: http://ceic.cc/2010/01/13/police-to-address-trespass-camper-issue-in-ceid/
Clay Street/ Green Street final report now available – Check out what the future of Clay Street is and how it will change over the next couple of years by going here: http://ceic.cc/2009/12/28/green-street-clay-street-project-final-report-is-here/

How are you going to get there? With so much construction going on in the area, traveling from point A to point B can be quite the challenge. Make it easier on yourself by knowing what streets are closed or have lane reductions, which you can see here: http://ceic.cc/2009/12/28/street-closures-and-detours-in-the-area/

Can you spare some time on February 23rd? We promise you’ll have a ball at our Bowling Bash – You’ve heard stories about it, maybe even seen a photo or two of the event. This year, make sure a part of it. The CEIC Annual Bowling Bash sponsored by Key Bank is here and whether you want to bowl, socialize or be a sponsor, all info on this event can be found here: http://ceic.cc/2010/01/12/bowling-bash-is-feb-23rd-you-going/

Burnside Bridgehead moves into second phase – They did some focus groups and now Beam Development and PDC want to show you what they’ve come up with. Attend their next workshop and learn more about their progress by stopping by here: http://ceic.cc/2010/01/13/burnside-bridgehead-framework-plan-workshop-jan-27th/

Will ANYTHING happen at Washington-Monroe High School ? Well, we’re not exactly sure, however PDC has this update on the status: http://ceic.cc/2010/01/13/washington-monroe-high-school-update/

If you have comments, suggestions or ways to improve our communication with you, please email Terry Taylor at terry@ceic.cc

Dues Renewals: Dues renewals have gone out to all members and past members. If you did not receive yours, please email Diana at ceic@ceic.cc for a copy.

Not a CEIC member yet? Our goal is to protect the rights of business and property owners in the district. The more members we have, the stronger our voice is at City Hall and other agencies. We also offer our members a variety of networking and marketing opportunities to promote their business. To join, contact Terry at terry@ceic.cc or simply download an application here: http://ceic.cc/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/ceic-trifold-40308-3.pdf

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