Dear Hosford-Abernethy Neighborhood District (HAND) Neighbors,

I want to give you an update on the problems of vandalism to cars and motorcycles that seem to be happening in epidemic proportions in NE and SE Portland.

As many of you know, tires have been punctured along the sidewall, resulting in slow, or not-so-slow, leaks; convertible tops have been slashed; motorcycle seats have been slashed and a segment of the seat cut out. In all cases the part (tire, top, seat) cannot be repaired; it must be replaced. Some cars have been ‘keyed’ along the side with what appears to be a bigger, heavier instrument than a key with deep, extended, sometimes circular markings that can’t be polished out. Some people have experienced more than one attack on their cars. The damage occurs in the middle of the night when witnesses are rare, if present at all.

On Monday, October 28th, a letter signed jointly by Allen Field, my counterpart in the Richmond neighborhood, and me was sent to Mayor Hales and Portland Police Bureau Chief Reese advising them of the extent of the problems and that neighbors are anxious and asking that more be done than has been apparent. The media were CC’d. Allen and I were both interviewed by local TV stations.

On Tuesday Allen and Linda Nettekoven, a HAND board member, met with representatives of PPB and learned that the police are very aware of the problem and have been devoting significant resources from across the bureau ever since the epidemic began in NE Portland a number of months ago.

They are unwilling to share the details of all they are doing, as you may understand, but want us to know they are working on it. It is difficult to catch people who attack, then run away in the dark. They are looking for patterns and need your help in the following way:

Call the police non-emergent number: 503-823-3333 as soon as you know that your car has been vandalized so that the police can take your report in person. If it is possible for them to meet you at the scene of the vandalism as soon after it occurs as possible, and before the car is moved, they would like to visit to look for clues that you may not notice but are meaningful to the police.

Thank you, all of you, for being vigilant.

Susan Pearce, HAND chair

Vehicle Vandalism Alertv3