Join Multnomah County Commissioner Deborah Kafoury & State Representative Jules Kopel Bailey for a Town Hall Meeting this Thursday, September 17.

Details in this email sent from Jules Kopel Baily:

I will be joined by Multnomah County Commissioner Deborah Kafoury this Thursday for a discussion about state and county issues. This will be a great way to see how county and state politics can work together. Please come and bring questions!

Date: Thursday, September 17th
Time: 5:30pm to 7pm
Location: SEIU, at 3536 SE 26th Ave

Interim committees meetings at the end of this month

Although special session is not until February, I still have interim committees meetings. I will be in Salem at the end of this month to begin committee work for the special session. I haven been reappointed to all of the committees that I served on during the 2009 Legislative Session. You can find out when these committees are meeting by going to: Oregon Legislature interim committee schedule.

Tax Measures going to the ballot this winter- we will need your help!

During this past legislative session, facing the impacts of the worst recession in decades, we voted to protect vital services when Oregonians need them the most. By making Oregon ’s tax system more fair for working families, we were able to preserve education, healthcare, and public safety without shifting the burden onto the middle class.

As you may have heard, some large corporations are gathering signatures in an attempt to overturn these reforms in a January election and return Oregon to the days of the $10 corporate minimum income tax. Voting YES will be vital to upholding the tax-fairness measures and making sure that the burden of this recession isn’t shifted to middle-class families.

These measures have no impact on more than 97 percent of Oregon taxpayers, but they will protect nearly $1 billion in funding for education, healthcare, and public safety. These measures will help keep class sizes from growing, preserve in-home care services for seniors, and keep our communities safe without putting more of the burden on everyday Oregonians.

I voted for these bills to protect those who have been hit the hardest by these financial crisis seniors, children and the unemployed and to make Oregon ’s tax system fairer for working and middle-class families. I hope you’ll join me by learning more about these measures, getting involved in the effort, and most importantly voting YES in January.

Become a supporter of tax fairness by signing the Defend Oregon Pledge online at