Here’s a request from Abernethy Elementary School’s Garden of Wonders Coordinator Sarah Sullivan:

Specifically we’re looking for team-leaders to help facilitate groups of people/kids working. You don’t have to be a gardening expert: Me and Nori can direct you, but we’re feeling spread thin and I don’t think we can facilitate all the awesome people showing up on Saturday (including about 10-15 middle schoolers!)

And we REALLY need tools:

If you are wiling to lend tools we will carefully label them and get them back to you (of course!) We also need GLOVES of all sizes.

We also need help setting up at 9am and cleaning up at 1pm.

It looks like we are going to have a few stations of activity going on:
One focused on fruit tree pruning (Brian will be leading)
2 groups focused in the greenhouse courtyard clean-up (moving big bags of soil and cleaning up pots) and sign painting
2-3 groups in the native plant area working on pruning suckers, clearing paths and branches and planting some new herbaceous natives

Do any of you have any of the following? If not we’ll be buying these things:
white paint
a few big paintbrushes
paint stir sticks to label plants
30 small flags for plants (3 different colors)
newspaper and cardboard to tear for worm bin
linseed oil
tarp or big piece of plywood to cover potting soil
scrubbies to wash out potting containers

We could use more coffee (donated or made) and pastries (Kettleman is donating bagel, Little T bakery is donating pastries but we can always use more.)
Coffee Presses

Sign makers (pre-event)

Thank you!
Sarah 503-307-5531