Note from HAND Board Member Linda Nettekoven (edited for web):
We’ve had a potential “dust up” re: the building at 20th & Hawthorne.

Because of code requirements PGE was looking for a place to relocate two power poles providing service to the new building at 20th & Hawthorne and to the green and white building across 20th street. They had proposed taking out the two new elm trees in front of green & white building across the street, which did not sit well with Save Our Elms, Friends of Ladd’s Addition Gardens, or those of us from HAND who had worked with PDOT for many years to get rid of a power pole in that intersection and create a gateway to the neighborhood.

Several of us worked with people from SOE, FLAG, PGE, Gerding Edlen and some nearby neighbors to set up a meeting yesterday to come up with alternatives. Attached (see link) is a .pdf that shows the alternative PGE came up with, basically removing 2 poles and relocating them along the west side of 20th Ave next to the green and white building (former Wells Wigs) — instead of directly in front of that same building facing the intersection. Some of the near neighbors already concerned about the new building are faced with additional poles in their alley from Qwest so more conversation may be needed there.

I’m hoping you will look at the diagrams and see if you have any concerns, other ideas, etc. (I’ll be glad to talk to anyone about the intersection.) You could also contact Richard Ross (our former HAND Board member) with questions. I’ll bring the information to the Exec Com meeting on Monday and I’m hoping we can give PGE a yes or no at that point — and continue to help the neighbors perhaps to set up a joint session with PGE, Qwest and Comcast (some poles and trenches can be shared, etc.).

(…) Currently BDS in reviewing plans doesn’t look at things beyond the property line so a building can be approved, under construction and then discover that the power hook ups involve relocation of poles, affect other properties, etc. This causes unpleasant surprises for everyone and wastes time and money. (…)

Contacts in HAND for more info:
Richard Ross, neighbor & former HAND Board member:
Linda Nettekoven, HAND Board member: